Welcome to Renewable Energy Resources Ltd
power now, for the future

We are an innovative company bringing solutions to your energy problems.
Since 1998, we have been supplying and installing stand-alone and grid connected power systems, designing and building micro-hydro turbines, sourcing appropriate energy products, and providing honest and sound advice.
We have designed and built locally, and sourced product from New Zealand and overseas, in order to provide you with the energy system most appropriate to your needs.
Whether you are looking at stand-alone or grid connect, micro-hydro, solar, wind or a combination, solar and wind powered water pumping, or needing a resource consent for your system, Renewable Energy Resources LTD can help.
If you are searching for energy efficient refrigeration or lighting products, or looking for ways to reduce your dependance on electricity, Renewable Energy Resources LTD can help.
So, for all your energy generation needs, efficient appliance requirements and sound energy advice, contact us now.

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